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Metal And Plastic 3D Pin Art. Press the pin art box against any object and capture the image in three dimension. 5”x7”x3”.

The Classic Toy. Not a cheap re-make.

The texture is enjoyable to some, for others it is a visual sensory tool. Also, a classic fidget. Fun and hard to put down! We have had one at our home for many years and it is often used. Neurotypical kids and adults love it as much.

Simply press an object into this wall of metal pins to leave an incredibly detailed impression of it. This pin art board will provide countless hours of fun with everyone trying to come up with new things to place against it. The impression remains intact as long as the device is not shaken and placed face up so the pins slide back.

This is a quality toy. It has some heft. The pins are metal, not plastic. The casing is plastic, but well-constructed. This is the 5x7 model. You may be able to find a 3"x5" at this price or maybe one with plastic pins. This size and quality MSRP is $25 but is often sold at an even higher price. It is very important to us, especially Austin's mom, that parents get a fair price or better yet a discounted price.

Our price is for one 5x7 pin art packaged a plain white box. It will be shipped in a box inside a padded envelope or box..

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