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Austin's WearABLE Art

Jewelry designed and crafted by Austin Wear

Austin is 25 years old, diagnosed with autism, mild intellectual disability and OCD ( clinical category "symmetry, arranging, counting"). In 2016 Austin tried beading and really enjoyed it. As he continued it was clear that beading helped manage his behavior management challenges. It is a favored hobby and an outlet for his need to count and make patterns. Utilizing OCD behaviors that were typically only used to self-control anxiety became quite therapeutic and productive activity. Designing and crafting beaded jewelry also provides socialization opportunities. He enjoys the praise he receives and enjoys Face Book and Instagram interaction. Austin's beading activity is mostly controlled by him. He works on projects when he wants. His work area is designed to accommodate his needs. Making and selling his jewelry gives Austin great pride. Although not a true work setting he experiences the dignity of work and importantly feels he has a purpose.

We have lost count of the number of jewelry pieces Austin has made. It is in the thousands. Some sell and others don't. Reusing beads for new designs is part of the process.

At this writing, Austin has sales to 26 states and to a lovely friend in the UK who has gifted some of his pieces to others in Europe.

Sales of jewelry not only help Austin, but make a greater impact as 10% minimum of the sale price is donated to organizations with a mission to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities. We have a "Giving Back" page that lists the organizations that have received contributions.

Austin primarily makes bracelets. He does create a few key chains/key chain bracelets, necklaces, earrings (with more assistance) and even dog necklaces. The categories to the side show the range of creations. There is a nice selection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more.

Austin will make custom pieces. Please contact us either by email or Face Book message and we can discuss details. Austin enjoys creating for a very specific person.

Our products are made with quality materials including very durable elastic cord, semi-precious gemstones, imported handmade beads from Africa, artisanal sterling silver, carefully selected natural materials such as shells and wood. He uses glass beads and sometimes acrylic beads.

We are very transparent when citing materials used for jewelry. We represent what is to the best of our knowledge. We are careful to purchase from reliable distributors.

Every jewelry purchase is carefully packaged and includes information about Austin and notes that purchases contribute to non-profit organizations that provide services to individuals with disabilities.

As always our products have a 100% customer happiness guarantee. We will repair, alter, exchange or refund should you have any concerns. In addition, we promise to provide you with excellent customer service.

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