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All Ladies Jewelry (click on + on the left for categories)

This is the Primary Category for Ladies Jewelry

All Jewelry is in this main catalog group. If you are looking for something specific click the + on the left of Ladies Jewelry and sub-categories will appear.

Subcategories include Lava Stone, Beach Time, School Spirit, Whimsical, Salvation Bracelet, Earrings

Items that do not fit those categories are in this larger "Ladies Jewelry" category. Our search bar is very helpful if you do not want to browse the entire category. But, you may see a piece you LOVE if you browse.

Austin uses a variety of quality materials including imported Krobo African beads, Semi- Precious Stones, Lava, Shells, Wood, Glass, Acrylic, Clay, Crystals, Leather and Metals. Impressive jewelry requires exceptional beads.

For stretch bracelets, our primary product, we use a specialty high-quality 5x price craft store cord that is used by most of our competitors, we believe the durability of our jewelry is superior.

We have a large inventory of decorative charms that represent hobbies, occupations, organizations/clubs, expressions of faith, sentiments, Universities, Sports Teams, of course, autism awareness, and many more. If we don't have it, we try to find it. Additional information is in the custom bracelet listing.

We have a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If your order does not meet your expectations, and needs an alteration, or repair, within a reasonable amount of time, we will repair, exchange or refund. We want our customers to love their purchases. If you do not, let us make it right.

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Salvation Bracelet
SKU 00870
Water Lilly Earrings
SKU 00929
Light Purple Earrings
SKU 00930
Happy Yellow Earrings
SKU 00936
Blackbird Bracelet
SKU 00937
Red Sea Glass Earrings
SKU 00932
Aqua Swirl Earrings
SKU 00943

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