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Birthday Add On

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Add a special "Happy Birthday" gesture to your purchase.

Your purchase will easily be known as a birthday gift. We don't use additional packaging or wrapping, but instead add a Birthday Card with your special message!* AND a colorful birthday treat bag tied with colored ribbon curls

Inside the the treat's time to party!


1. Flashing light up "It's My Birthday" Badge

2. Two Colorful Party Noise Makers

3. Happy Birthday Pencil

4. Colorful Happy Birthday Bookmark

5. Two party fun poppers

6. Birthday pack of Wikki Stix (12) with 2 birthday activity pages

7. Swirled lollipop

8. Birthday Card

Items are traditionally for children, but are a blast for the young at heart.

*Omit message in the text field for a blank card.

*Accommodations We are happy to tailor to your needs. Leave information and we'll do our best! Ex. If the recipient cannot consume candy, at your request we will substitute with a small trinket or sugarless candy. Or if siblings require consideration, we understand. We can add an extra or two noise makers and swap the swirl lollipop for several smaller. If the need is of excessive cost to us (i.e. a large group), we'll email you with an adjusted price allowing for your decision.

This item is sold only with the purchase of another item from our shop. It is intended to add on to your order and is priced accordingly. We will void and refund any orders of only the Thinking of You or Birthday add on if no other item is purchased.

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