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Earrings African Recycled Glass

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One of a kind earrings using handmade beads ethically sourced from Ghana, Africa.  Beads  are crafted  without machines but by using traditional methods passed down the generations. 

Beads are made with glass washed up on the beaches and other locations.  The glass can be anything from broken bottles to car windshields. It is then crushed and placed in molds before heated in a kiln.  While melted a hole is created and the molds returned to the kiln. Beads are polished by rubbing in the sand and rocks.  The “traditional Krobo Beads” are hand painted.

The earrings listed are made from dark blue beads alternating with hand painted beads.  

At the bottom is a small sterling silver bead.  The ear wires are silver plated  making them hypoallergenic. Included are silicone earring backs.

It is important to polish the sterling silver components to ward of tarnish. (You will receive an anti-tarnish cloth).  If they become discolored because of tarnish, see our website for easy to clean instructions.  They will shine like new!  Keeping your earrings in a sealed bag will limit oxidation and tarnish. 

Designed and crafted by Austin Wear. He is a young adult, diagnosed with autism, intellectual disability, and OCD ( clinical category "symmetry, arranging, counting"). Beading is a therapeutic activity that helps him manage challenging behaviors. The recognition and demand for his work improve his self-worth and give him purpose. The entire designing, crafting, and selling process allows him to experience the dignity of work. Designing and crafting beaded jewelry is a therapeutic and productive activity that improves his quality of life.

Your purchase makes a greater impact as a minimum of 10% of the purchase price is donated to organizations with a mission to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Jewelry will be packaged in a cotton drawstring pouch with Austin’s WearABLEs printed in color. You will also receive a small card with information about Austin, the importance of supporting him, and notation of contribution to organizations 

As always our products have a 100% happiness guarantee. We will repair, alter, exchange, or refund should you have any concerns.

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