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Green Aventurine "The Luck Stone" Long Necklace Converts to Bracelet Stack

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Green Aventurine

The Luck Stone

Green Aventurine 6 mm beads with gold accents can be a long necklace (approximately 32 inches) or converted to a stack of bracelets by wrapping around your wrist. Most will be able to make 4 loops for bracelets. That is a nice stack of arm candy.

The current fashion trend is layered jewelry, especially necklaces. This long necklace will complement many outfits and allow you to add several additional shorter necklaces. One beaded necklace is a nice touch when layered with alternate lengths of chain necklaces often with pendants and charms. Gold is very fashionable. Gold fashion chains can be purchased inexpensively online. Add a charm or two and wow - you are up to date on today's latest look.

We get it...we have heard from some of your great customers..." I'm a bracelet girl"... we love it. Stacking bracelets remains very fashionable. This piece is made with our durable, not available in craft stores, elastic cord and can be wrapped several times around a wrist. The average lady's wrist should have a 4-loop wrap. If you prefer generous sizing, you will get at least three...either way quite a statement. (When wrapping your necklace, understand the cord is not invincible. If it seems too tight to make another loop is.) We love that you don't have to worry about sizing.

The Aventurine beads are 6 mm each. A beautiful green color (psst... Perfect jewelry for a MARSHALL UNIVERSITY fan)

Some jewelry crafters would use a beading needle to scoop up beads. Austin prefers to string them individually. Including the spacers, this convertible necklace has beads each placed by Austin in his pattern of 20 beads between a spacer. True craftsmanship and great effort.

The necklace/convert to bracelet designed and crafted by Austin Wear. He is a young adult, diagnosed with autism, intellectual disability, and OCD ( clinical category "symmetry, arranging, counting"). Beading is a therapeutic activity that helps him manage challenging behaviors. The recognition and demand for his work improve his self-worth and give him purpose. The entire designing, crafting, and selling process allows him to experience the dignity of work. Designing and crafting beaded jewelry is a therapeutic and productive activity that improves his quality of life.

Your purchase makes a greater impact as a minimum of 10% of the purchase price is donated to organizations with a mission to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Jewelry will be packaged in a cotton drawstring pouch with Austin’s WearABLEs printed in color. You will also receive a small card with information about Austin, the importance of supporting him, and notation of contribution to organizations 

As always our products have a 100% happiness guarantee. We will repair, alter, exchange, or refund should you have any concerns.

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