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5 Categories of Jewelry deserve to stand out. Three are new products Austin has created

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  • Sentiment Stones -- Jewelry made with a primary semi-precious gemstone that has a recognized symbolism for the individual who wears the stone. individuals recognize the sentiment as a wish and novelty. Some believe these stones have great power. The jewelry is secured to a card that has an unofficial icon and a symbolic sentiment. The back of the card provides information about Austin and that a portion of the sale price is donated to a non-profit organization.
  • Salvation Bracelets - (Also called Gospel bracelets) A FaceBook follower suggested Austin should make these bracelets. When researching I found they have a strong following and are made with some variations. Austin has created a very unique version that remains true to the Salvation bracelet meaning, which is one's journey with Christ. These are also secured to card that explains the bracelet and gives information about Austin and the charitable donation on the back.
  • African Beads - Austin has used handmade beads imported from Africa for several years. He loves them and so do our customers. We have found a few other types to include. All are made with recycled materials and promote sustainability. The jewelry will include a card with an explanation of how the jewelry is made, information about Austin, and the charitable donation. We are in the process of redesigning the cards.
  • Artisan Sterling Silver- We found very special handmade Sterling Silver beads, components, and charms created together by two small family-run businesses in the United States. Bonus, they use recycled sterling silver. We also discovered handmade sterling silver made in Northern Thailand by the Karen Hill Tribe. We are perfecting our packaging, but there will be a small note stating the jewelry contains handcrafted elements of sterling silver and information about Austin and the charitable donation.
  • Autism Awareness/Acceptance/Inclusion Jewelry - Autism is a part of the life of our family. Austin knows and understands he has autism. Obviously, he doesn't understand it fully. With his understanding, he makes autism awareness jewelry. Most are bracelets. He makes some keychains and dabbles in a few other items. His bracelets are well-made and loved by many. It is no problem to accommodate sizes and number of puzzle pieces or charms. I am very aware of the controversy with the puzzle piece symbol and the color blue. The majority of his jewelry uses the puzzle piece symbol and blue stones. We believe the puzzle piece represents Autism Spectrum Disorder's complexities and does not reflect upon people with ASD. People can use any symbol they choose, but no one should be judged.

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