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NEW DESIGN Rose Quartz and Lava Stones Stretch Bracelet

Lava Beads with Unique Rose Quartz
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Brand: Austin's WearABLE Art

Rose Quartz - The Heart Stone

Represents Unconditional Love and Compassion. It also inspires creativity.

Rose Quartz with Lava rock stretch bracelet.

This is a new design of Austin's Rose Quartz lava bracelet. (His original Rose Quarz with Lava is hugely popular and remains available)

A unique faceted stone squared with rounded corners with 10mm lava rock beads. (Our other bracelets use 8mm lava stones typically).

Ladies stretch bracelet of lava rock beads, and one large polished and faceted Rose Quartz stone.

This is a statement piece but can be worn every day. Pairs well with other rose quartz or lava bracelet.

Lava beads are not coated and can be used with essential oils providing a pleasant fragrance or benefiting emotional and/or physical health. We offer 10 mL bottles of a variety of essential oils as an add-on option.

Lava stones work as a natural diffuser for essential oils -- lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus are only a few of the many choices. This bracelet allows you to bring your diffuser everywhere you go. Rub a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on the lava beads. Wait for a few minutes for the oil to absorb into the bead before putting it on to avoid staining.

For some wearing these stones can evoke benefits (and for others, they just enjoy knowing the symbolism).

Lava Rock is a grounding stone that supports stability through times of change. Lava Rock can balance emotions and bring about calmness and strength. It is believed to help keep tempers in check and help its wearer work through problems in a logical way.

This bracelet is part of our sentiment stone collection. It is secured to a 4x6 card labeled with the name of the stone, the symbolic meaning, and an icon representative of the sentiment chosen by Austin and his mom. Also included is a small instruction card for use as a diffuser of essential oil. Packaged in a drawstring cotton pouch stamped with Austin's WearABLEs at the bottom.

Sized for a standard 7-71/2 inch wrist. If you need a custom size please leave a note in the comments. Bracelets exceeding 8 inches will incur a small additional charge. Sizes not in stock will require an additional 2-3 days before shipping.

This bracelet is handmade by Austin .  

Lava Bead Bracelets are also available with Aquamarine, Amazonite, Citrine, and with no additional stone (Simple Lava).

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