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Salvation Bracelet

Wordless Chronicle of Journey with Christ
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A Salvation Bracelet is sometimes referred to as a Gospel Bracelet. It is a wordless chronicle of an individual's journey with Jesus Christ.

There are a few different formats, but we chose one of the most common. Austin's bracelet also has an added element that others do not. We believe it adds to the expression of the Salvation Bracelet and to its appearance.

Some are familiar with this type of bracelet. We chose semi-precious gemstones to represent the colors.

Austin's bracelet features for each color described:

Black Onyx -- Sin

Red Quartz- - The Blood of Christ

Blue Lapis Lazuli- Baptism

White Jade - Purity/Cleansing

Green Aventurine- Christian Growth

Citrine- Heaven

The remainder of the bracelet is composed of

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is the stone of new beginnings

Picture Jasper is our take on the Salvation Bracelet

The bracelet is designed and crafted by Austin Wear. He is a young adult diagnosed with autism, intellectual disability, and OCD ( clinical category "symmetry, arranging, counting"). Designing and crafting beaded jewelry is a therapeutic and productive activity that improves his quality of life. Selling and gifting his jewelry gives him great joy and gives him a sense of purpose and allows him to understand dignity in work. Your purchase makes an even greater impact as a minimum of 10% of the purchase price is donated to organizations with a mission to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities. Those organizations are on our website. Go to the MORE page pull-down menu to the page "Giving Back".

The bracelet will be packaged in a drawstring cotton drawstring pouch stamped with Austin’s WearABLEs. You will receive a card with information about the Salvation bracelet and about Austin, the importance of supporting him, and a mention of his contribution to organizations that assist individuals with disabilities

As always we have a 100% guarantee. Should your jewelry not meet your expectations, or require alteration or repair, please contact us.

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