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FIDGETS... we sell a large variety:   classic and newly trending.  We also sell "boredom busters" and "on the go" activities.  Fidgets are hugely popular with kids and adults.   Popularity really took off around 2017 with the spinner fidget.  However, FIDGETS have been a household staple for us for over 20 years for calming, sensory input and distraction. 

Now, fidgets are everywhere!  Great creative minds have developed dozens of new types.  They have caught on among many children, teen and even adults. 

Austin's WearABLEs needed additional revenue.  Given the popularity and our experience, adding fidgets to our catalog was an easy decision.  Sales help fund jewelry supplies and business operations.   We are mindful of pricing.  Please compare our prices to other sellers of same items online.  We can't price match, but it is an assurance you are getting a fair price. 


Our fidgets are sold in sets or kits.   These are given careful consideration when combining.  Our first set was the "My Go Bag". It receives many compliments from individuals and special needs service providers. It is our best seller.

Other sets are monthly "mystery" mailers, holiday theme sets, office/meeting room sets, unique popular subjects.

We are an approved online retailer of Crazy Aaron's: Thinking Putty. Crazy Aaron's is a little higher in cost than many putties and slime.  However, there is a big difference. First, it has won multiple awards. It is made in the USA, non-toxic, and from inception, Crazy Aaron's has provided dignified employment for many adults with disabilities.  We must adhere to pricing guidelines.  We sell at the lowest price allowed. Crazy Aaron's claims it never dries out. TRUE. Our family has a tin that is 15 years old and good as new! There are many creative colors and textures and always something new.  We offer a limited number.

Crazy Aaron's has a wonderful website where you can find it ALL.  Check out Crazy Aaron on You Tube.  His shows are fun science lessons, he gives lots of good information about different ways to use putty.  Crazy Aaron is very interesting and has a nice, calm personality.  YES! We are huge fans and used a lot of web page to promote it.

We donate fidgets and special kits in our community to assist individuals with special needs.

Many FIDGETS are not intended for young children or individuals who put objects in mouth.  Please consider this when purchasing and supervise.



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