FIDGETS... we sell a large variety:   classic and the trending.  We also sell "boredom busters" and "on the go" activities. We sell a few "premium" toys, FIDGETS and games.   We also  recently added a few items that promote independent living skills and education helpers on a trial basis. 

Selling fidgets originally was intended to meet the needs of individuals with autism, anxiety issues and ADHD.   However, our fidget sales for typical children far outweigh the rest. Fidgets are a very popular toy for both boys and girls.  Not only are they used as calming tools, they are also collected and swapped.   The majority of our sales have been for kids of all abilities.  They are very popular for birthday gifts, travel, get well, thinking of you, "keep at Grandma's", babysitter kits, of course, for sensory/focus strategies.   


Fidgets have been a household staple for us for over 20 years.

We use strict protocol to keep fidgets clean and away from germs.  They are not displayed in a store.  All are kept in sealed containers.  Many are individually wrapped.   

Many of our fidgets can be used for specific sensory needs.  We do have some in stock simply because they are trending and in great demand.   We sell individually, but also have creative and practical sets that value priced.  We even offer a subscription plan, which is a customer favorite.

The addition of AUSTIN'S FIDGETS to my business is to help fund jewelry supplies, business operations and hopefully increase revenue.   When you purchase AUSTIN'S FIDGETS you are funding Austin's WearABLEs allowing him to continue beading, which he enjoys, helps with behavior management and gives him dignity and pride.  We donate some fidgets and fidget kits to institutions in our community to assist adults with autism or cognitive disabilities.   

Premium fidgets, games, boredom busters:   These are available to anyone in the general public.  Compared to other fidgets, which are also of great quality, are the name brand or typically priced better than retail shops.  As I research, sometimes I find a great price.  Most often I am able to buy in bulk at wholesale price.   Our profit margin is small, so we price much of the savings to you.  The "premium fidgets" can be purchased individually or added to an existing kit.

Contact us if you would like me to create a fully customized fidget package.

Independent living items  --  Nothing works for everyone.  These are some items we have found useful.  Education Tools -- Consult your child's educator or provider.  We are offering items we can purchase in bulk and sell for "try it" purposes.  I know very well the cost of buying a whole set of something to learn, it isn't a good match for Austin.

** For our customers purchasing for sensory processing issues.  I am not an occupational therapist or behavioral consultant, but have worked side by side with my son who has been fortunate to receive services from many at the top of the profession. Please consult your child’s provider before introducing new sensory items. 

Many FIDGETS are not intended for young children.  Please consider when purchasing and supervise.



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