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Jewelry Created by Austin Wear

Austin is a young adult diagnosed with significant autism, intellectual disability and clinical obsessive-compulsive disorder. Beading is a behavior strategy to manage challenges associated with his diagnoses. It also provides him with a sense of purpose and dignity. 

A minimum of 10% of every sold jewelry item is donated to charities that improve the

lives of people with disabilities.  

"Stones with Meaning", Salvation Bracelets and jewelry made with African beads are attached to a tasteful 4"x6" card that are printed with information about Austin, the therapeutic strategy of beading and notation of the donation included with purchase.

  • "Stones with Meaning" feature one or several beads of semi-precious gemstones. A fun _____ is the inclusion of an often cited meaning/symbolism for the stone.

  • Salvation Bracelet cards explain the Christian representation of each bead's color.

  • The cards for African jewelry show and explain the workmanship of handmade beads.

All jewelry is packaged in a drawstring cotton pouch stamped with "Austin's WearABLEs"  at the bottom.  Your jewelry will either be attached to a 4x6 card or will include a 2"x3" card that gives the same information about Austin and the donation to organizations that help the disabled.

We offer a personalized gift note with a personal message for no extra charge and can ship to an alternate address within the United States.  As a military family, we proudly mail to APO/ boxes with no added shipping or handling charge. 


Enhance a purchase with a Birthday or Thinking of You fun fidgets and treats add on for just $4.