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African Glass Bracelets-white, yellow, blue/ Set Of 3

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Set of 3 African Recycled Glass Beads.  Beads are about 4mm.  Each bead is near the same length but there are variations because they are handmade.  All 3 have a heart shaped bead.  

This type of bracelet is very trendy. They stack easily or can be worn singly. 

Austin created these bracelets with much greater length of labor than the typical mass produced seed bead bracelet.  Typically a crafter would use a needle.  Austin picked up each bead and strung on the elastic cord. 

Beads are on a strong 1 mm cord.  This thicker cord made it very difficult to hide the knot.  Photos show if the knot is visible.  It isn’t unusual to see a knot with these bracelets, but we try to hide all knots.

This set of bracelets are fitted best for 7.5 wrist.  (If having difficulty with knowing measurement see our blog entry or listing for inexpensive measuring tape. 

Sold as a set.  Super idea to divide and share as gift for friends, especially for tweens/teens, stocking stuffers or hidden gift as an ornament on a Christmas tree.  A Hanukah gift idea, as well.     Ideas are many. 

The bracelet is designed and crafted by Austin Wear. He is a young adult diagnosed with autism, intellectual disability, and OCD ( clinical category "symmetry, arranging, counting"). Designing and crafting beaded jewelry is a therapeutic and productive activity that improves his quality of life. Selling and gifting his jewelry gives him great joy and gives him a sense of purpose and allows him to understand dignity in work. Your purchase makes an even greater impact as a minimum of 10% of the purchase price is donated to organizations with a mission to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities. Those organizations are on our website.  Go to the MORE page pull-down menu to the page "Giving Back".

Bracelet set will be packaged in a drawstring cotton drawstring pouch stamped with Austin’s WearABLEs. The bracelet will include a 2”x3” card with information about Austin, the importance of supporting him, and a mention of his contribution to organizations that assist individuals with disabilities

As always we have a 100% guarantee. Should your jewelry not meet your expectations, or require alteration or repair, please contact us.

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