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On The Move Kit - Personal Travel Bag: organization, independence, sensory needs

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On The Move Kit --

7x11 Durable Plastic Mesh Zipper Pouch: Extra Large, Water Resistant, Translucent, Thick Plastic, Reinforced Zipper with Loop, small waterproof sticker "On the Move KIt" in bottom left corner.

(Bag is random color. You may request and if available we will accommodate.)


Travel Size Sensitive Skin Wipes (14 count)

Travel Size Tissues

Ear Plugs - Silicone, washable, reusable in a plastic storage case (sound sensitivities or muffle noise to allow sleep)

Small Personal Hand Sanitizer

Sugar-free Gum - Some individuals benefit from pressure on the jaw joint.

Lip Balm

One Small Fidget.. Fidget can help with anxiety and sometimes boredom.

2 wrapped disposable face masks . Select Adult or Child. (Child mask box reads ages 5-12)

The plastic mesh bag is a nice size with ample room to add extra items an individual may have specific need to keep handy, but no so big it is a burden.

Originally, the On The Move Kit, was developed as an accessory for My Go Bag and still is a complementary product.

The initial design was with thoughtful consideration for the needs of individuals who have sensory issues and may unexpected encounter troublesome situations when out and about. This remains true.

We found the kit to be helpful not only for individuals with sensory issues, but also very useful for kids/young adults with ADD and just as many individuals who are neurotypical.

On the Move Kit, encourages organization and independence. Plus, it is just a useful product.

Giving kids (and many adults) tools for organization clears a path for an easier life. When children, especially those with ADD, learn to keep an item in the same place every time, much wasted time and frustration can be avoided.

For all having everything needed for a day away from home ready to go without the need to ask provides some independence. The bag is large enough to be an overnight hygiene bag. It is water resistant so good to have on a bathroom sink that may get splashed. A nice fit for backpacks or gym bags.

You have the option to leave off the small sticker. We will donate to a school or day support program if you do not want the earplugs.

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