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The Little Shop That Can…

Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can...we will. Today's post is written August 5, 2023. We have not been as active online as we were for our first few years.

It is time consuming with so many different works of art to photograph and list. We have had a lot of medical hurdles that have continued to set us back. We are back again to make our online shop present and provide a fun browsing and shopping experience.

We have been very fortunate to sell autism awareness/inclusion bracelets on Etsy. We have kept that our specialized product in our Etsy shop.

Austin was invited to sell at his STEP-VA performance of Your Good Man Charlie Brown. It was a successful sale and he donated over 10% to STEP-VA. Some of the remainder was used to buy a very comfortable chair to use in the workshop. He deserves it.

Our shop is very grateful to Ms. Tara Shaw. She has been a help in many ways during this difficult time. She has cut Austin's hair for years as they listen to Classic Rock. Tara has graciously sold Austin's jewelry in her shop Element (she is a superb hair stylist) use the link to check it out on Instagram.

New products are now listed with more to come! We hope our loyal customers return and we will find new.

Thank you for indulging me with explanation of our online absence.

New blog posts will focus on jewelry, fashion, fidget sensory use and autism .

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